What makes our go karts standout?

Although I love making the go karts I like to be challenged, and this has made me interested in taking on any type of vehicle a client would request and never refuse a build regardless of the challenge. Examples of this is trikes, reverse trikes, go karts for the physically challenged, motorised floats that’s commonly used for the annual “Africa Burn” event in the Karoo and even man powered trikes.

Our ability to meet our client’s requirements makes it ideal for them to have a customised go kart built. Whether it is for the adrenalin junkie that wants the speed and torque or the farmers that’s using an expensive bakkie, who just need an all- terrain vehicle to tow a trailer on their farm.although we have standard designs we also make new designs all the time. Wether its a formula 1 look alike or a Ferrari, jeep, Land Rover, semi truck, you name it. If its in your head we will put in on wheels. Most common question asked is what engine do we use and The answer is simple, any type of engine and size. Manual and automatic. Motor bike engine, quad bike, car, lawnmower, industrial engine, plant engine etc, And I’m sure if you can help me figure out how to safely use a jet engine, we can use that too. (Please don’t ask me to use a jet engine)

Renting our go karts.

For those parents that wants to give their young ones a very unique and fun birthday activity to enjoy, we now offer a rental option where the whole family can participate in the fun. For 4 hours you can have a go kart at your disposal at a location of your choice. We will drop off the go kart and collect it for your convenience. For your safety and for operational use we will also leave a marshal for the duration to ensure good clean fun using helmets and seatbelts. 

If you feel that motorbikes or quadbikes are too dangerous, then we would provide you with a safe and unique alternative.

Maintenance on go karts

Due to the fact that all parts are locally bought, go karts or any vehicle our company manufacture can be locally maintained. And I don’t mean locally to us only. You would be able to maintain it at your local quadbike/motorbike or lawnmower shop. Depending on what type of parts was used for your build. So you would never have a need to order parts from our company.

This makes it cheaper, easier and quicker for our clients to maintain and replace parts. If we can’t buy it local we do not use it.

Therefore no waiting period or extra costs on shipping of parts coming from out of town or even parts that is imported.


Our GoKarts comes standard with seatbelts and comfortable seats with a 3.2mm diameter rollcage. Perfect for ages from 3+


Our gokart is ideal for your business or private use.  since it has the same wheelbase as a quad bike it can replace the quad bike whether you driving on a trail or in a farm. You can do it in safety and the whole family can enjoy it. Front wheelbase width  is 1,2m,  rear is 1m, length is 1,92m and height is 1,28m.  this is our standard gokart. However we can build your own customise kart to any engine, wheel size, ground clearance,  one seater or two seater, colour etc. Weight capacity approx 160kg…..

Arial Atom

The middle go kart i made for Corne Kruger (ex rugby caption and tv personality e.g. appearing on “Survivor S.A”) this design is called an “Arial Atom” (British supercar) look alike. This is also off road but a bit lower and more sporty for drifting and speed.

Our Gokarts are Nationally recognised

To all the Jeep and 4×4 loving car enthusiast, we created a jeep alook alike is the best for off road, farmers etc. Due to its  of 220mm to 300mm ground clearance. Its also very safe due to its roll cage

Some Specs:

Details on the images:

TYRE SIZE: Front 19inch and rear tyre 18inch,

Engine Type: 420cc automatic plant engine mounted on main frame and not on swing,

Seat belts, hand brakes. Front and rear hydraulic brakes. Adjustable driver seat. Ground clearance 250mm adjustable.  Fibre Glass bonet. 32mm tubing used for roll cage. 

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